CyberLympha and AMT-GROUP confirm compatibility

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CyberLympha and AMT-GROUP have successfully completed compatibility tests concerning AMT InfoDiode, a hardware solution designed to act as a unidirectional gateway, that ensures exceptional isolation for critical information systems while providing connectivity with adjacent systems, necessary for proper operation, and CL DATAPK, a software product focused on providing visibility, incident detection and compliance management for ICS, IoT and OT systems. Testing was performed in CyberLympha's own R&D center in April 2021.
Proving solution compatibility in scenarios when two solutions are used together has been the focus of the tests, whereas success criteria has been defined as obtaining verification of the successful CL DATAPK operation under conditions of unidirectional traffic transmission.
Testing program included extensive checks of the CL DATAPK connected to the infrastructure via the InfoDiode in two operation modes:
  • traffic copy analysis
  • unidirectional event collection
CL DATAPK has successfully passed all tests, proving absolute solution compatibility.
Incorporating AMT InfoDiode in an ICS security solution allows the Customer to ensure physical ICS network isolation and eliminate the possibility of the negative impact that could result from security monitoring subsystem operation interfering with the main ICS operation process, while meeting security requirements set on the system.
"Using CL DATAPK together with AMT InfoDiode provides our Customers with an additional layer of defense against externat threats and improve overall security status of the ICS. We're looking forward to turning our partnership with AMT-GROUP into a successful and fruitful collaboration", - comments Alexey Komarov, CyberLympha's Chief Business Operations Officer.
"Network traffic is easily the most accessible and valuable source of information concerning current ICS operating state. Using IndoDiode solutions together with CL DATAPK's patented traffic analysis methods allows our End Customers to implement a comprehensive and reliable ICS security monitoring solution, while ensuring physical ICS isolation from the external untrusted networks and threats associated with them", - says Vladimir Leonov, Chief Technical Officer for the AMT-Group.