Company global business headquarters open in Singapore

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CyberLympha has announced the official opening of our global business headquarters in Singapore, which would facilitate global business operations.
Launching Singapore office is aimed at developing Company presence on the global and regional levels. The Company sees APAC as a very promising region not only due to the presence of various industrial Customers, that could benefit from implementing cybersecurity monitoring solutions, but also because of the maturity of the IT and cybersecurity markets. At the current stage headquarters staff will focus on developing business relations in the area, but hiring local specialists in the field of cybersecurity is also considered.
The Company will continue to operate its Skolkovo-based Moscow office and the R&D center located in Yekaterinburg in order to maximize operations efficiency.
"We chose Singapore, because it's undoubtedly one of the most sophisticated and advanced regions in terms of IT maturity and is very welcome towards tech companies. We're looking to making new headquarters as an important launchpad not only for developing our business but also for sharing our expertise with local specialists and gaining new insights from working with APAC enterprises and public sector that could broaden our vision on cybersecurity approach and methodology", - said Alexey Shanin, CyberLympha CEO