Cybersecurity research and development has been our focus since company foundation in 2016. Working together with leading security experts in multiple successful commercial projects provided us with invaluable experience and knowledge that resulted in development of a comprehensive ICS/IoT security framework. In 2021 the company has moved its global headquarters to Singapore in order to streamline international business operations.

CyberLympha Thymus analyzes assets’ network traffic without prior knowledge about the ICS
During the learning stage of the implementation CyberLympha Thymus determines protocol structure and asset operation algorithms

After switching to normal operation CyberLympha Thymus detects inconsistencies between observed system behavior and internal system mode, built during the learning stage, in order to detect possible security breaches

Pat. 2 738 460 (RU) on anomaly detection in automated systems’ network operation

Product in development. 

Planned Release: December 2021