OT Security Audit

OT security audit is an essential tool for gathering accurate and relevant information concerning OT security state at the time of the audit which can further be used to shape the strategy and plans on maintaining OT security status. CyberLympha offers security audits for OT infrastructures of any complexity.

Each performed audit results in a detailed report containing:

  1. General information security assessment results
  2. Detailed information on every system that was subject to audit:
    • A list of network objects
    • A list of data flows including those that link the system with external networks
    • Information on equipment configurations
    • Software versions and existing vulnerabilities
  3. A short-term and mid-term action plans aimed at increasing OT security state of the Customer’s infrastructure

The audit is performed by CyberLympha experts using specialized OT security inspection tools based on CL DATAPK. The audit can be limited to passive analysis or enhanced by active polling of the ICS components. The audit can also include ICS components’ operational status inspection and analysis.

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